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Hoarding Cleanup Before & After
Hoarding Cleanup Before & After

Do you or a loved one feel overwhelmed by clutter, garbage, dust, or animal waste?
Are you ready to do something about it?

We provide our service with compassion, courtesy, and kindness. Please do not be afraid or embarrassed, Prairie State Hoarding professionals genuinely want to help!

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What happens during clean-up?

Client Testimonials

Hoarding Cleanup Review

“I wanted to send appreciation and thanks for the fast and hard work of the team at my dad’s house. They were so respectful, patient, and kind. They unearthed furniture that was under loads of mail, magazines and newspaper. For the first time since my grandmother was alive, we were able to sit at the kitchen table to talk. There was no clutter. They gave us piece of mind. We are so grateful for your crew and your service.”

-M.O., Illinois

Hoarding Cleanup Review

“As far as I am concerned, this company and their employees are the best in the business. They not only came in and did the work that they were contracted to do but they also made a very difficult situation actually enjoyable. For the two and a half days they were there, I felt like I was cleaning out my deceased parent’s home with a group of my friends rather than a group of people I didn’t previously know.”

-A.B., Illinois

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