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Hoarding is defined as obtaining and refusing to throw out items that would normally appear to be worthless, hazardous, or unsanitary.  When these items accumulate, living spaces become significantly cluttered and can no longer be used for the activities associated with that space.  For example, bathtubs serve as storage for dishes. Living rooms only have narrow pathways between piles of clutter.  Beds are covered with food wrappers, books, and clothes.  Refrigerators are completely filled with spoiled food.  Animal waste is present under the clutter.  Hoarding can also be dangerous if it puts the individual or others at risk from fire, falling, poor sanitation, and other health concerns.

Hoarding can be a contentious issue among family members adding stress and frustration to an already sensitive issue. While the exact underlying causes of hoarding are unknown, there are some underlying factors including OCD and ADHD.

At Prairie State Hoarding, we understand that hoarding can be deeply emotional and challenging for all parties involved.  We understand that you may feel helpless, overwhelmed, unable to cope, and unsure where to begin.  At Prairie State Hoarding, we will:

  • Listen
  • Answer any questions you have
  • Provide a free estimate

We will not:

  • Judge
  • Advertise our presence with big logos or scary looking equipment
  • Post pictures of your home on social media

In addition, the team at Prairie State Hoarding has worked in many homes and with many individuals.  Each situation is different and we will tailor our approach to you and your needs–always with the goal of restoring your home to a clean and safe condition.

Absolutely not! Prairie State Hoarding is in the business of working with you to restore your home to a clean and safe condition.  We will not contact any government, social service, or community agency to report on the condition of your home.

If you request it, however, Prairie State Hoarding can work with agencies with whom you are already involved.  For example, we have talked with case managers, inspectors, and other service providers.  The goal in each case is to understand their concerns so we can better restore your home to a clean and safe condition.  

Sometimes, Prairie State Hoarding may clean select areas of the home during the initial project and return at a later time to complete additional phases.  Generally, however, Prairie State Hoarding provides a one-time service.  Because of our connections within the community, we can provide resources to professional organizers, in-home support providers, counselors, and others who can provide follow-up services to help you maintain your clean and safe surroundings!

Yes! Prairie State Hoarding is both native to Wisconsin and woman-owned!

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