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Organizing and Sorting

Prairie State Hoarding works with hoarders, their families, and their friends to keep homes functional and as comfortable as possible. We want living spaces to be healthy environments that are comfortable for residents and guests.
The folks at Prairie State Hoarding have the expertise to complete a project and make sure the hoarded items are organized. We will “hold your hand” through the whole process, which we can promise will be judgment-free. Our job is to provide you with professional, compassionate, and caring experts to help you reach your goals. We provide all supplies needed for organizational projects, including boxes and labels.
Prairie State Hoarding provides impeccable organization and sorting services to locations throughout Illinois. Whether your living space is a Springfield apartment or a larger residence in the Windmill City of Batavia, we can accommodate your needs.

Complete Hoarders Home Reorganization

We want you to move past the endless searching for misplaced items! Each room will be analyzed and set up to suit your own personal needs.

Household Clean Out Projects

Prairie State Hoarding specializes in cleaning an entire home full of items and making it feel like new again.  Imagine holiday or birthday parties with a home you can comfortably invite guests and family to share those precious experiences in. Let us help turn your desires into reality.

Prairie State Hoarding  services include:

  • We will “ hold your hand “ through the whole process
  • No judgment’s will be made
  • Professional, compassionate and caring experts to get you to your goals
  • Supplies needed for organizational projects ( boxes, labels, etc)
  • People who care, and can be trusted


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